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The DBA's 14th Annual Scholarship Gala

September 19, 2017
Battery Gardens, NYC

 On September 19, 2017, The DBA's SOLD-OUT 14th Annual Scholarship Gala honored the Hon. Manuel J. Mendez (New York Supreme Court), Lourdes M. Ventura (Partner, Ahmuty, Demers & McManus), and the Law Office of Robinson Iglesias for their noteworthy contributions to the Latino community.  The Gala also helped raise scholarship funds which were awarded to 2017 Scholarship Recipients Julia Baez Valetin (Fordham School of Law) and Jose Grateraux (Seton Law School).

Thank you to our distinguished honorees, scholarship recipients, and guests for attending and supporting The DBA's 14th Annual Scholarship Gala!

 Special thanks to our wonderful SPONSORS and
Jaime Rincon and Brugal & Co. for their continued support!

For Gala pictures, please visit our Facebook Page here.
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  Congratulations to our 2017 Gala Honorees!
Please Visit Our 2017 Gala Honoree Page

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