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Finance Committee. This committee shall (A) assist the Treasurer with his or her duties generally, (B) keep track of and report to the Board on all of the Association’s filings with government regulatory offices, including the Internal Revenue Service, and (C) perform such other tasks as the Board may request. 


Committee for Professional Ethics and Responsibilities. The duties of this committee include (A) confirming the admission and/or membership in good standing of Members in the jurisdiction(s) in which, according to such Members’ initial membership applications or membership renewals, such Members are admitted, (B) reviewing cases of Members against whom grievances have been filed with the Association or any other forum and assisting the Board with taking proper actions in respect of the same, (C) developing and implementing procedures to educate Members on the rules of ethical conduct in the legal profession, and (D) performing such other tasks as the Board may request. 


Nomination and Election Committee.  This committee shall (A) evaluate and nominate candidates for positions as directors of the Board and officers, (B) administer all elections held by the Association, and (C) perform such other tasks as the Board may request.  If no such committee has been created, the President shall administer all elections of the Association.



Advisory Committee. This committee, consisting of the immediate past president as chairperson and those former directors and officers of the Association as may volunteer to join the committee, shall (A) serve as a consultative and advisory body to the Board of Directors by providing valuable input on matters related to the purposes of the Association with respect to which the Board requests guidance, and (B) work closely with the Business Development Committee to further that committee’s objectives. 


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