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Advisory Committee

Co-Chairs: Miguelina Camilo and Vianny Pichardo

If you would like to participate in one of these committees listed below, please contact us at dominicanbarassoc@gmail.com

                                          2019 DBA Committee Chairs and Committees

Scholarship Gala Committee

Scholarship Gala Chair: Estefani Rodriguez

Membership Committee

Membership Chair: Atenedoro Gonzalez

Youth Outreach Committee

Co-Chairs: Doralyn De Dios and Angel Gomez

Community Outreach Committee

Co-Chairs: Christian Calderon and Jason Calderon

Law Student Committee

Co-Chairs: Diana Felipe and Yadilsa Diaz

Young Lawyers Committee

Co-Chairs: Ariana Marte Acevedo and Luisanna Del Rosario 

Foreign Attorney Committee 

Chair: Melissa Maria Rodriguez  

Finance Committee

Chair: Marbel Leonel Muñoz

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