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  • March 03, 2019
  • 5:30 PM

Movement for Justice in El Barrio

invites you to…

“¡La Mujer Luchando, Al Mundo Transformando! / Women’s Struggles Transform the World!”:


featuring women’s struggles from around the world.

Sunday, March 3rd at 5:30 pm

Harlem, NYC

Due to limited seating, please RSVP no later than Wednesday, February, 27th, 2019, if you wish to attend.

To RSVP and reserve seats please register here:

In keeping with our annual tradition of celebrating International Women’s Day, Movement for Justice in El Barrio invites you to join us, as we honor the tremendous leadership and indispensable contributions of women who fight for dignity and justice everywhere.

At this gathering, we will commemorate and honor our compañeras, the “indignadas,” and all dignified women who fight relentlessly for justice, dignity, and for us all.

We are humbled and proud to have formed strong bonds with our sisters in struggle in many corners of the world; and the struggle continues.

As movements of marginalized people rise up and flourish everywhere, women remain at the forefront--developing strategies, fighting injustice, imparting wisdom, building community. Women's struggles are a true challenge to power, injustice, oppression: they force us to imagine and to fight for a world in which all worlds fit. They are the lifeblood of our movements and communities, and we must continue to give them their rightful place. Each day, for us, is an occasion to honor women’s struggle.

Founded by a group of low-income immigrant women, Movement for Justice in El Barrio remains a majority-women of color, grassroots community organization that fights for dignity and against displacement. Committed to autonomy and self-determination, Movement practices participatory democracy and horizontal decision-making on a community-wide scale.

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