New York State Bar Association is conducting a CLE on Achieving Diversity in the ADR Field

March 25, 2014 10:30 AM | Anonymous

Dispute Resolution Section Achieving Diversity in the ADR Field: Overcoming Old Challenges and Seeking New Opportunities

Tuesday, March 25th
Davis Polk & Wardwell
450 Lexington Avenue
New York City

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For a full list of panelists, and sponsors please visit the event web page

6:00-6:55 pm: Initiatives of ADR Providers to Increase Diversity Among ADR Practitioners
A panel of renowned ADR providers, scholars and administrators with a wealth of experience in the development and marketing of neutrals throughout the United States and internationally will discuss their practices for recruiting and selecting neutrals, the efforts they have undertaken to diversify their rosters of neutrals, and their efforts to further expose the users of their ADR services to racially and ethnically diverse panels of arbitrators and mediators. The panelists also will examine the challenges involved in increasing the visibility, availability and acceptability of a racially and ethnically diverse roster of neutrals in the private, sector as well as in court-sponsored ADR programs.

7:00-7:55 pm: Strategies and Tips for Pursuing a Career as a Successful Neutral
A panel of distinguished ADR professionals will provide their perspectives on how to navigate a successful career as a neutral, describing how they got started; recommending specific networking, marketing, and promotional activities; discussing how best to leverage diversity issues; and providing practical tips for increasing the opportunities for being selected as a neutral.

8:00-8:25 pm: Strategies for Addressing Cross Cultural Issues in Dispute Resolution
Communication and understanding are critical to dispute resolution. National or societal patterns of conduct, transmitted through culture, can be confusing and misunderstood by people from other cultures. We will discuss the importance of cross-cultural communication skills and tools to employ when resolving disputes among parties of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our internationally renowned panelist will explore this topic as it relates to parties, counsel and neutrals, as well as the benefits of including neutrals of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds in the dispute resolution process and the benefits of including neutrals who are knowledgeable about cross cultural issues.

8:30-9:00 pm: Networking Reception

Under New York’s MCLE rule, this program will provide you with a total of 2.5 CREDIT HOURS in the category of Skills. THIS PROGRAM IS TRANSITIONAL AND THEREFORE SUITABLE FOR NEWLY ADMITTED ATTORNEYS

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