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Grace Outreach D. Jeris Scholarship

May 08, 2015 11:54 AM | Anonymous

If you are graduating this June, and going to a CUNY Community College, you can qualify for a scholarship offering you $850 cash!

The scholarship offers you three things:

  1. Payments of $400 as you complete the requirements for a 5-week summer prep program and join first semester activities at a CUNY college.

  2. A Grace Outreach college counselor will guide/support you in your first year at a CUNY college, and you will obtain membership in a great peer program.

  3. Training will be provided this summer (prep program) to improve your Math, Reading and Writing skills in order to master the CUNY Skills ACT/COMPASS Placement Tests.


You must be a HSE graduate of Grace Outreach or a high school graduate by June 2015

You must be a female within the age range of 16- 24 and a resident of New York State

You must apply to a CUNY College or will apply within the first week of the program.

Entry Requirements

Fill out a GO scholarship application

Attend an interview

Participate in the GO Summer Program and a fall college support/study group

(The deadline for the application is June 1, 2015; pick up an application form from Lisa DeMun, Grace

Outreach Office Manager, call 718-328-0580 or contact Lauren Calderon, Senior Program Assistant, at to receive a copy via e-mail.)

Award of your Scholarship:

Grace Outreach is awarding a total of $850 in cash to 18 students and 20 hours a week of college prep with a total payment of $400 by the end of the summer.

Additional payments when you meet your first semester college goals.

A monthly Metro card for the summer program is provided.

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