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Commission on Judicial Nomination

August 02, 2022 8:33 PM | JAMELL ISIDOR

State of New York 

Commission on Judicial Nomination 

54 State Street, 6th Floor 

Albany, New York 12207 

(518) 689-1492 

FAX (518) 689-1499 


Yesterday, the Commission on Judicial Nomination was formally notified by the Clerk  of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York of the coming vacancy on the Court created  by the resignation of Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, effective August 31, 2022. Accordingly, the  Commission is taking up the task of seeking recommendations and applications of persons  who may be qualified to serve as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, as well as Chief Judge  of the State of New York.  

Candidates for Chief Judge DiFiore’s vacancy may download an application from the Commission’s website ( or contact the Commission’s Counsel, Henry  M. Greenberg, c/o Greenberg Traurig, LLP, 54 State Street, 6th Floor, Albany, New York  12208 [Tel.: (518) 689-1492; e-mail:; Fax: (518) 689-1499].  Applications may be filed electronically by e-mailing them to  or submitted by mail to the Commission’s Counsel. Applications must be submitted to the  Commission no later than August 29, 2022. 

The Commission was created by Article 6, § 2 of the New York State Constitution.  Consistent with its mandate, the Commission is entrusted with responsibility for evaluating,  and then recommending to the Governor, candidates to fill vacancies on the Court of Appeals.  The Commission vigorously seeks out, carefully evaluates and then shall nominate to the  Governor seven well-qualified candidates for the office of Chief Judge from the extraordinary, 

diverse community of lawyers admitted to practice in New York State for at least ten years.  The Governor’s appointment is subject to confirmation by the New York State Senate.  

To fill past judicial vacancies on the Court, the Commission has nominated to the  Governor a wide variety of lawyers, including private practitioners, public interest attorneys,  law professors, government officials and sitting Federal and State judges. While prospective  candidates must file an application with the Commission, recommendations may be made by  anyone who believes that a prospective candidate could be an excellent Chief Judge of the  Court of Appeals and the State of New York. Recommendations of qualified candidates for a  vacancy are encouraged and may be made to the Commission’s Counsel.  

If any person or organization wishes to receive copies of future Commission press  releases, please provide an e-mail or mailing address to the Commission’s Counsel. The  Commission will register the address and make every effort to distribute future press releases  in the designated manner. Persons interested in learning more about the Commission are  encouraged to visit its website:

E. Leo Milonas, Chair 

Robin A. Bikkal  

John A. Cirando 

Mylan L. Denerstein 

Robert L. Haig 

H. Dale Hemmerdinger 

Russell T. Hernandez 

Michael J. Hutter 

Abraham M. Lackman 

Kenneth A. Manning 

Paul N. Samuels 

Dierdre K. Scozzafava 

Henry M. Greenberg, Counsel 

Cynthia L. Neidl, Deputy Counsel 

July 29, 2022 

Contact: Henry M. Greenberg, Counsel 

Phone: (518) 689-1492 



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