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  • March 30, 2024 11:08 AM | Atenedoro Gonzalez (Administrator)




    March 28, 2024 - The Presidents’ Council of the Hispanic Bar Coalition, comprised of the Presidents of the Dominican Bar Association; the Long Island Hispanic Bar Association; the Puerto Rican Bar Association,   Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County, and the Hudson Valley Hispanic Bar Association condemns recent verbal and social media attacks on the Hon. Juan Merchan, the New York County Supreme Court Judge who is assigned to preside over People of the State of NY  v. Donald J. Trump.  

    On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Judge Merchan issued a gag order limiting the former President from making statements about potential witnesses, as well as attorneys, court staff or the family members of prosecutors in the criminal trial relating to hush money payments, scheduled to begin on April 15th. Former President Trump was previously barred from making statements about any potential or actual jurors.

    Then, on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, Former President Trump made several negative comments about Judge Merchan and his daughter. In a social media post, the former President suggested, without evidence, that Judge Juan M. Merchan was supporting his daughter’s interests as a Democratic political consultant, and he recklessly referred to her by name. He also made a claim — later repudiated by court officials — that she had posted a social media photo showing him behind bars. On the same day, Former President Trump targeted an individual prosecutor assigned to this case, referring to him as a “radical left from DOJ put into [ … ] the District Attorney’s Office to run the trial against Trump” 

    Former President Trump also attacked Judge Merchan, posting: “If the Biased and Conflicted Judge is allowed to stay on this Sham ‘Case,’ it will be another sad example of our Country becoming a Banana Republic.” Intentional or not, the racist undertone of the message is unacceptable. Similar statements in the past about those involved in this case and in the other pending court cases against Former President Trump have led to the individuals involved receiving death threats and hate mail.

    Attacks of this nature against a presiding judge and his family have no place in civil society and are dangerous and reckless. The attacks create a harmful atmosphere that could lead to individuals taking more serious action against Trump’s targets as we have seen recently happen to members of the judiciary.    

    This Coalition previously issued a statement admonishing Former President Trump’s vitriol in April 2023.  We again strongly condemn the former President’s continued use of reckless, inflammatory, violent, and racial language. Judge Merchan excluded himself and his family from the gag order he placed in the case, but that does not excuse these dangerous and false statements. We again call upon the lawyers representing him in this matter, Todd Blanche and Susan Necheles, to admonish their client and direct him to refrain from continued false, violent, and racist language. Judge Merchan is an excellent jurist with a impeccable reputation for fairness.  We are confident that despite this angry rhetoric, all participants in the matter will receive a fair trial. While we recognize the right of any person to speak about matters of public concern like this trial, these false and inflammatory comments go too far and must come to an end.             

     The Presidents’ Council of the Hispanic Bar Coalition

    Media inquiries: Oscar Michelen, Pres. LIHBA:  and/or Doralba Lassalle Pres. Hudson Valley Hispanic Bar Assn.:

    The full release may be downloaded here in ENGLISH or in SPANISH

  • March 31, 2023 9:25 AM | Atenedoro Gonzalez (Administrator)

    The Dominican Bar Association (DBA) is an organization of legal professionals and law students, which supports Latino members of the legal profession, particularly attorneys and law students of Dominican ancestry, in their pursuit of higher posts in the legal profession and other facets of influence in the United States. Ensuring that the judiciary of New York State reflects the diverse fabric of New York is paramount, and the Dominican Bar Association stands firm in its commitment to accomplish this noble feat. Following the troubling and ultimately failed confirmation process of the Hon. Hector D. LaSalle, who if confirmed would have become the first Latino Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, the Commission on Judicial Nomination provided Governor Hochul with a new list of recommended candidates for the role of Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of New York. This new list includes three current Associate Judges of the Court of Appeals, however contains no Latino representation, despite the large pool of talented Latino jurists in New York State who should have, at a minimum, a meaningful opportunity to apply for consideration to serve as an Associate Judge of the Court of Appeals.

    The DBA strongly advocates for judicial application processes for judgeships at all levels within New York State to be constitutional, transparent, ethical, equitable, and inclusive. Assembly Bill A.5983 (Lavine)/Senate Bill S.6061 (Hoylman-Sigal), currently under consideration by the New York State Assembly and on the New York State Senate Calendar, directly interferes with each of these timely and essential objectives for the viability of the effective administration of justice within New York State. We respectfully submit that this bill interferes with the fair consideration of qualified jurists, and in the instant case, blocks the fair consideration of qualified Latino jurists who did not apply for the Chief Judge vacancy and wish to apply to the Associate Judge vacancy at the moment a vacancy is generated.

    Notwithstanding the substantive representation concerns that this bill poses, this bill would also unjustly interfere with the constitutional role of the Commission on Judicial Nomination, as they recommended this list of names for the current vacancy in the Chief Judge role, not the Associate Judge role. Thus, the Commission has not had a full and fair opportunity to contemplate that their recommendations for the Chief Judge role would be used to fill subsequent vacancies. 1324 East Gunhill Road, Bronx New York, NY 10469 Accordingly, the DBA respectfully urges Members of the New York State Assembly and Senate to promote diversity in the judiciary, uphold the Constitution of the State of New York, and ensure that full and fair consideration of all qualified jurists, including Latino jurists, is not unjustly stripped by legislation such as Assembly Bill A.5983 (Lavine)/Senate Bill S.6061 (Hoylman-Sigal).

    The full letter can be viewed, HERE.

  • January 11, 2023 9:43 PM | Atenedoro Gonzalez (Administrator)

    The Dominican Bar Association Calls on the New York State Senate to Provide the Honorable Hector D. LaSalle, Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, Second Department with a Full and Fair Confirmation Hearing on the Merits

    The DBA is an organization of legal professionals and law students, which supports Latinx members of the legal profession, particularly attorneys and law students, in their pursuit of higher posts in the legal profession and other facets of influence in the United States. Since its founding in 1990, and as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, the DBA has promoted the principles of diversity and due process in the legal profession.

    The DBA continues to support New York State Governor Kathy Hochuls’ nomination for New York State Court of Appeals Chief Judge, Second Department Presiding Justice Hector LaSalle. If confirmed, Judge LaSalle, would become the first Latino to serve as Chief Judge of New York’s highest court. This historic nomination marks a significant step towards creating a more equitable and representative justice system in New York.

    The DBA is deeply concerned with the precipitous opposition to Judge LaSalles’ confirmation. The New York State Senate confirmation hearing process is an imperative component of the New York Court of Appeals selection process. As mandated by the New York State Constitution, New York Senators must thoroughly examine a judicial nominee’s qualifications and full record on the merits. Failure to provide a judicial nominee with a full and fair hearing is complete and unequivocal departure from New York’s longstanding and established confirmation process. The DBA strongly urges members of the New York State Senate to exercise their constitutional obligation and provide Judge LaSalle with a full and fair hearing on the merits.

    For more information, please contact the Dominican Bar Association at

    The full press release may be downloaded HERE

  • November 28, 2022 8:40 AM | JAMELL ISIDOR

    The Dominican Bar Association (the “DBA”) is honored to congratulate and support the nomination of the Honorable Hector D. LaSalle for Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals. Justice LaSalle is one of the seven nominees selected by the Commission on Judicial Nomination for the Chief Judge Vacancy. 

    We are happy to support a Judge who shares the values and mission of the Dominican Bar Association – To support Latino members of the legal profession. Justice LaSalle was a founding member of a Hispanic Bar Association in Long Island.  

    Justice LaSalle is currently the Presiding Justice for the Appellate Division of the Second Judicial Department and possesses administrative experience in the courts. He has over 14 years of judicial experience. He is currently the only Latino and his appointment would be historic. 

    The DBA is an organization of legal professionals and law students, which supports Latinx members of the legal profession, particularly attorneys and law students, in their pursuit of higher posts in the legal profession and other facets of influence in the United States. 


    For more information, please contact the Dominican Bar Association at

  • August 25, 2022 12:49 PM | JAMELL ISIDOR

    August 25, 2022 - New York, NY In light of the designation by the New York Court of Appeals of Judge Cannataro as Interim Chief Judge, The Dominican Bar Association (“DBA”) calls on Governor Kathy Hochul to remedy the slight against Judge Jenny Rivera.  

    The Interim Chief Judge position has historically been filled by the most senior judge on the court, which is currently Judge Jenny Rivera, a Latina. After over 100 years of historically appointing the most senior judge as the Interim Judge, the court chose instead Judge Cannataro, who was appointed just over a year ago. 

    Judge Rivera was nominated to the Court of Appeals in 2013 by former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and became the second Latina named to the state’s highest court. She has spent her entire professional career in public service. Prior to the nomination, Judge Rivera served as a professor at the City University of New York School of Law, where she founded and served as Director of the Law School’s Center on Latinx Rights and Equality (CLORE), which focuses on issues that impact the Latino community in the United States. Prior to teaching, she clerked in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals Pro Se Law Clerk’s office and also served as a law clerk to then-District Judge Sonia Sotomayor. 

    During her career, Judge Rivera has been a strong advocate for the Latinx community. Through CLORE, Judge Rivera developed progressive strategies for reform to address issues impacting the Latinx Community, she has also published extensively on issues that impact our communities and served on the American Bar Association’s Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities. Over the years, she has been recognized for her tremendous work, including being named one of the outstanding Latinas of 2000 by El Diario/La Prensa, among other accolades and awards. Most importantly, Judge Rivera has been a long-time friend and supporter of the DBA, often participating in and supporting our events and initiatives, including presiding over the installation ceremonies of our officers and directors. 

    Judge Rivera is an outstanding lawyer and jurist with an impeccable professional career. As a judge in the state’s highest court, she has demonstrated her relentless dedication to creating the equal justice system she has always strived to create. Outside of the court, she generously dedicates her time to support bar associations, organizations and law schools and is admired and respected by professors, law students and attorneys, alike. 

    “Judge Rivera is a dedicated jurist and her work exemplifies the mission of the Dominican Bar Association - working toward the advancement of Latino legal professionals. We had hoped the New York State Court of Appeals would continue its long-standing practice of appointing the longest-serving judge on the court to fill the Interim Chief Judge’s vacancy and make history by appointing the first person of color but they failed us there.  We now ask that Governor Hochul make it right by appointing the most experienced person, who would also be the first Latina, as Chief Judge of New York State.” says Jamell Isidor, President of the DBA.

    The DBA is an organization of legal professionals and law students, which supports Latinx members of the legal profession, particularly attorneys and law students, in their pursuit of higher posts in the legal profession and other facets of influence in the United States. 


  • August 02, 2022 8:40 PM | JAMELL ISIDOR


    The New York City Law Department is accepting applications from applicants who graduated law school in December 2021 or will graduate in 2022 for entry level Assistant Corporation Counsel positions to start in the Fall of 2022. These attorneys will perform basic legal tasks appropriate to their level of education and experience and, until admitted to the Bar of the State of New York, in a manner consistent with the Appellate Division practice orders. Depending upon the division to which they are assigned, they will draft briefs, pleadings and motions, perform legal research, take depositions, interview witnesses, draft contracts, draft legislation and make court and administrative agency appearances. Applicants may be placed in any division of the Law Department based on needs of the Law Department. Applicants selected to be in the Tort or Family Court Divisions may be placed in offices located in any of the five New York City Boroughs.

    The great majority of our entry level attorneys will be assigned to our Tort Division, which defends the City of New York in personal injury and property damage cases primarily in State Court. Tort has entry-level Assistant Corporation Counsel positions in the Pre-Trial Unit or SLED Unit of the division. Pre-Trial Unit: Pre-trial attorneys handle cases while they are in discovery. They appear regularly in court to attend discovery or other status conferences and argue motions. Attorneys take and defend depositions, request and exchange discovery, engage in settlement negotiations, and write and argue substantive and procedural motions. Once they are experienced pre-trial attorneys, they also may serve as a 1st or 2nd chair of a trial, in addition to their pre-trial case responsibilities. State Law Enforcement Defense (SLED) Unit: Attorneys assigned to the SLED Unit represent police officers in cases involving claims of misconduct. Similar to the Pre-Trial Unit, attorneys in SLED are assigned to handle pre-trial matters on a variety of different cases.

    Applicants must have graduated from an ABA approved law school in December 2021 or in 2022. Applicants must sit for the first available administration of the Uniform Bar Exam, New York Law Exam and Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) following graduation or have passed these exams during law school.

    As the majority of our entry level attorneys are placed in heavy litigating divisions, the Law Department seeks candidates who have experience in moot court, trial advocacy, debate, public speaking, or litigation/mediation clinics or internships. Candidates should be committed to public service, pursuing justice and serving the common good. To best serve the City we represent, the Law Department seeks individuals from a variety of backgrounds who can bring different perspectives to contribute to the work of the office. The Law Department also seeks candidates who want to contribute to a work environment that values teamwork, inclusion and respect.

    The deadline to apply is August 12, 2022.

    Please click the following link to apply to Job ID 521753:



    The Special Federal Litigation Division of the NYC Law Department defends the City and its officials in civil rights cases brought in federal court in which police, district attorney or correction officer misconduct is alleged. These cases arise from contact between citizens and law enforcement officers in three contexts: police operations, the prosecution of criminal proceedings, and the custody of arrested individuals in the City's detention facilities. Suits are typically brought by those who believe their constitutional rights were violated in the course of an arrest and subsequent prosecution, or on account of events in City jails.

    The Special Federal Litigation Division is accepting applications from admitted attorneys with at least two years of litigation experience for an ACC position in the division. The hired attorney will handle a caseload from inception through resolution whether by motion practice, settlement, or trial. Attorneys conduct initial investigations to determine if representation is appropriate, answer the complaint, appear at court conferences, engage in extensive discovery (paper and electronic), take and defend depositions, draft dispositive motions, conduct settlement negotiations, and, when appropriate, take cases to trial in federal court.

    The deadline to apply is August 26, 2022.

    Please click the following link to apply to Job ID 540806



  • August 02, 2022 8:33 PM | JAMELL ISIDOR

    State of New York 

    Commission on Judicial Nomination 

    54 State Street, 6th Floor 

    Albany, New York 12207 

    (518) 689-1492 

    FAX (518) 689-1499 


    Yesterday, the Commission on Judicial Nomination was formally notified by the Clerk  of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York of the coming vacancy on the Court created  by the resignation of Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, effective August 31, 2022. Accordingly, the  Commission is taking up the task of seeking recommendations and applications of persons  who may be qualified to serve as Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, as well as Chief Judge  of the State of New York.  

    Candidates for Chief Judge DiFiore’s vacancy may download an application from the Commission’s website ( or contact the Commission’s Counsel, Henry  M. Greenberg, c/o Greenberg Traurig, LLP, 54 State Street, 6th Floor, Albany, New York  12208 [Tel.: (518) 689-1492; e-mail:; Fax: (518) 689-1499].  Applications may be filed electronically by e-mailing them to  or submitted by mail to the Commission’s Counsel. Applications must be submitted to the  Commission no later than August 29, 2022. 

    The Commission was created by Article 6, § 2 of the New York State Constitution.  Consistent with its mandate, the Commission is entrusted with responsibility for evaluating,  and then recommending to the Governor, candidates to fill vacancies on the Court of Appeals.  The Commission vigorously seeks out, carefully evaluates and then shall nominate to the  Governor seven well-qualified candidates for the office of Chief Judge from the extraordinary, 

    diverse community of lawyers admitted to practice in New York State for at least ten years.  The Governor’s appointment is subject to confirmation by the New York State Senate.  

    To fill past judicial vacancies on the Court, the Commission has nominated to the  Governor a wide variety of lawyers, including private practitioners, public interest attorneys,  law professors, government officials and sitting Federal and State judges. While prospective  candidates must file an application with the Commission, recommendations may be made by  anyone who believes that a prospective candidate could be an excellent Chief Judge of the  Court of Appeals and the State of New York. Recommendations of qualified candidates for a  vacancy are encouraged and may be made to the Commission’s Counsel.  

    If any person or organization wishes to receive copies of future Commission press  releases, please provide an e-mail or mailing address to the Commission’s Counsel. The  Commission will register the address and make every effort to distribute future press releases  in the designated manner. Persons interested in learning more about the Commission are  encouraged to visit its website:

    E. Leo Milonas, Chair 

    Robin A. Bikkal  

    John A. Cirando 

    Mylan L. Denerstein 

    Robert L. Haig 

    H. Dale Hemmerdinger 

    Russell T. Hernandez 

    Michael J. Hutter 

    Abraham M. Lackman 

    Kenneth A. Manning 

    Paul N. Samuels 

    Dierdre K. Scozzafava 

    Henry M. Greenberg, Counsel 

    Cynthia L. Neidl, Deputy Counsel 

    July 29, 2022 

    Contact: Henry M. Greenberg, Counsel 

    Phone: (518) 689-1492 


  • June 08, 2022 10:46 AM | JAMELL ISIDOR

    Watch the Full episode of Dominicanos a Simple Vista: Dominicanos en el sistema de justicia de Nueva York. 

    Featuring Hon. Rolando Acosta, Hon. Lourdes Ventura, Doralyn De Dios Brito, esq.

    A pesar de las dificultades propias de los inmigrantes, tenemos logros y mucho orgullo que exhibir de una comunidad que se empodera cada vez más, celebrando cada peldaño logrado juntos, como buenos dominicanos.

  • May 22, 2022 5:32 PM | Atenedoro Gonzalez (Administrator)

    New York, NY – The Dominican Bar Association (“DBA”) issues the following statement following Governor Hochul’s appointment of Justice Helen Voutsinas to the Second Department, Appellate Division.

    The DBA wishes to congratulate Justice Helen Voutsinas on her historic appointment to the Second Department, Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York by Governor Kathy Hochul. Justice Voutsinas will become the first Dominican Judge to the appointed to the Second Department, Appellate Division, making history within the Dominican legal community.

    Justice Voutsinas previously served as a Nassau County, Appellate Term Justice for the 10th Judicial District from 2019 to the present and was elected to serve as a Judge for the Nassau County District Court from 2011-2019. Justice Voutsinas is a previous honoree of the Dominican Bar Association, having been honored by the DBA in 2021 with the Judicial Excellence award for her years of service as a member of the judiciary.

    “This appointment is not just exciting, it is historic, and it is symbolic. We celebrate because representation matters. Thank you, Justice Voutsinas, for showing us that it is achievable – Si se puede!”

    The DBA wishes Justice Voutsinas well in her new role as an Appellate Judge and looks forward to continue seeing the forward moving momentum in her legal career as a Latina trailblazer in the law. The DBA also congratulates the Honorable Janice Taylor, Honorable Lilian Wan, and Honorable Barry Warhit on their appointments.

  • April 07, 2022 10:15 PM | Atenedoro Gonzalez (Administrator)

    New York, NY – The Dominican Bar Association (“DBA”) issued the following statement following the Senate’s confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as an Associate Justice to the Supreme Court of the United States.

    After 233 years, Judge Jackson will be the first Black woman to sit in our nation’s highest court. As attorneys, we are all aware that the decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court have historically established important legal precedents that have impacted the lives of all Americans. In recent years, we have all witnessed firsthand how important it is to have a balanced, fair and equitable Supreme Court. With many marginalized people, particularly communities of color, facing threats to voting rights, reproductive rights, and workers’ rights, among others, representation in our justice system matters now more than ever.

    “We are deeply proud that young Black women can now see themselves in the highest court of our nation. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court bench shows more promise of reflecting the voices and experiences of our communities of color in the most important legal decisions of our future,” says Jamell Isidor, President of the DBA.

    Judge Jackson is incredibly qualified and her legal career is a testament to the integrity she will bring to the bench. As evidenced by her time as a federal judge of the D.C. District Court, the U.S. Sentencing Commission and as a federal public defender, she has demonstrated a commitment to fairness, protecting the rights of all people, and in her own words, deciding cases “without fear and favor.” In addition to her experience, as the first Black woman to sit in the U.S. Supreme Court, she will contribute significant racial, gender and professional diversity to our nation’s highest court. As an organization which strives to support Latino/a members of the legal profession, particularly attorneys and law students of Dominican ancestry, in their pursuit of higher posts in the legal profession and other facets of influence in the U.S., we understand that a federal bench that reflects and appreciates the diversity of our nation is crucial for providing access and adequate representation to all Americans, especially the most vulnerable people in our society.

    Today’s confirmation is a historic step toward a more representative justice system and an inspiration to future generations. We congratulate Judge Jackson on this important moment and look forward to her swearing-in ceremony.

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